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Updated: December 15, 2017

Written and compiled by Kerry.

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AAAAH, Real Monsters "The Great Escape" (1997). In this episode, Shorty. a midget master of disguise criminal escapes from prison. At one scene, he disguises himself with a full body suit to look like a female news reporter, which he abruptly peels off by the top similar to a latex mask. Then he wears a female poodle body suit to pose as someone's pet so he can escape from the cops. (Review by WileE2005)

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron "The Great Egg Heist" (2004). In this 3-D CGI cartoon series on Nickelodeon, this episode features Professor Calamitous masquerading as Princess Guan Qi "Peggy" Tsu to make Jimmy and his pals steal a rare egg from a museum. She splits in two in the end revealing the tiny evil professor. (Review by WileE2005)

The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan "Fat Lady Caper" (1972). The clan unmask the circus fat lady (Dimples) who is really a male thief wearing a rubber mask, a wig, and a rubber bodysuit. (Review by Stretch). 

American Dad “Bully for Steve” (2010). Steve Smith disguises as an old lady to avoid his father Stan Smith, but unfortunately for him, Stan sees through the disguise as “she” leaves the deli, pounces on him and unmasks him. Steve tells his father that he had been in Roger’s makeup chair at 4 AM to have his mask applied. (WileE2005)

Animaniacs "Chalkboard Bungle" (1993). The Warner siblings, Yakko, Wakko and Dot keep pestering their schoolteacher, Miss Flameel. At the end, the teacher orders Ralph the Guard to take the Warners away, locked in a crate. Ralph does so, and then Miss Flameel smiles and removes her rubber mask, revealing Dot underneath, standing on Yakko and Wakko wearing the dress. The real Miss Flameel is in the crate! This episode was adapted into a book in 1995, with Miss Flameel as an old lady and the mask used during the unmasking was a cheap plastic one instead of the one in the episode. "Survey Ladies." The Warners keep getting pestered by two annoying survey ladies at the mall. At one point, the ladies wear bodysuits of sexy-looking women and stand still, to act like mannequins. They then unmask to reveal themselves. (Review by Wile_E2005)

The Arabian Knights (1968). These animated adventures during "The Banana Splits" featured Princess Nidor masquerading as other females in several episodes. (Review by Robur) 

Batman: The Brave and the Bold "The Golden Age of Justice!" (2010). In a pre-title sequence Detective Chimp unmasks an old lady as False Face.

Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! “Professor Huh? Part 6 3/4”. At the end, as part of Fred’s elaborate plan to catch the villain, Daphne and Velma mask up as each other! When Shaggy asks why they did that, Daphne explains they “felt left out." (Review by WileE2005)

Beetlejuice "Quit While You're A Head" (1989). Scarelyn, a ghoulish woman Beetlejuice has a crush on, unzips her body suit to reveal a frog-like head-hunting monster queen. "The Chromazone" (1991). In a parody of "The Twilight Zone," near the end Lydia unzips her body suit to reveal Alfred Hitchcock. Once Beetlejuice takes off screaming, Hitchcock then unzips again, revealing a ghost woman underneath. (Review by WileE2005)

The Botsmaster "You Can Bank On It" (1993). This syndicated series episode featured the hero's younger sister masquerading as another girl. In the episode "Blind Date," villainess Lady Frenzy masquerades as Alicia, a model. (Review by Robur)

Blue Falcon and Dynomutt "Sinister Symphony" (1976). Manyfaces masqueraded as an old woman. (Review by Robur)

Buford and the Galloping Ghost "I Want My Mummy" (1979). In an episode of this Hanna Barbera produced series, female ranch hand Wendy masks once as Queen Tut Tut a rejuvenated ancient female Egyptian ruler, and unmasks twice. (Review by Robur)

Camp Candy (1989). An episode featured a female professional polka dancer who wore three face masks, one on top of the other, as a disguise. She participated in an amateur polka contest. Another episode featured a girl camper wearing an Elsa Lanchester as The Bride of Frankenstein mask. (Review by Robur)

Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels (1980). An episode features a female fashion designer masquerading as a female mannequin. (Review by Robur)

Cartoon Network (1998). An ad featuring the Scooby gang had some female masking. Against the 90s Cartoon Network logo, Fred Velma and Shaggy have caught a monster, and unmask it to reveal Daphne. Then Daphne rips a mask off Velma, revealing Scooby-Doo's head. Scooby unmasks Shaggy to reveal Velma. Then the whole gang unmasks each other to reveal the following: Fred is really Velma, Daphne's really Shaggy, the second Velma's really Fred, Scooby is really Daphne. Then they begin removing masks revealing their previous alter egos, the masks they wore before, etc. Then the rest except Shaggy pulls their masks off a final time to reveal duplicates of Shaggy! (Funny coincidence since Shaggy dressed as Scooby before!) (Review by WileE2005)

Cat's Eye (?). Japanese animated series. "Poupette" (French title), the girls take off their masks in a car; "The Hawk," one unmasks while on top of a statue.

Casper, the Friendly Ghost "To Boo or Not To Boo" (1951).  Casper paints himself white and attends a Halloween party as a "Ghost" where he meets a beautiful girl. When his ruse is discovered and the rest of the party heads for the hills, the "girl" remains, but takes off her mask and dress revealing she too is a ghost, resulting in a happy ending for Casper.

Challenge of the Superfriends aka The World's Greatest Super Heroes (1978). "Wanted: The Superfriends," featured villainess Cheetah masked as a female police officer and Wonder Woman masked as a Cheetah clone. (Review by Robur)

Classic Warner Bros. Animation. "Porky's Double Trouble" (1937). This early black-and-white Warner Brothers Looney Tune features Porky Pig's criminal double wearing a Mae West mask. (Review by Robur) "I Got Plenty of Mutton" (1944). This war-era Merrie Melodie features a good long gag where a wolf (trying to capture a ram protecting the herd) puts on a realistic bodysuit of a sexy female ewe. The plan works too well, for the ram gets a crush on "her!" When the wolf unmasks for the final time and confesses, the ram yells he's a wolf, and goes after the wolf. "Ready, Set, Zoom!" (1955). As the final gag in this Looney Tune, Wile E. Coyote dresses up in an ACME Female Road-Runner bodysuit. He steps out and imitates the Road-Runner's meep-meep, but just attracts a bunch of hungry coyotes to go after him! (Review by WileE2005)

The Cleveland Show "California Dreamin' (All the Cleves are Brown)" (2013). As part of a video Cleveland made for his family when vacationing in Hollywood, he fakes being at their hometown bar, with the help of actors in makeup, masks and/or suits. Kendra removes her head mask (like a helmet) to reveal an actress, and Cleveland's new Hollywood friend Gina is impersonated by Reese Witherspoon in a latex mask and wig. (Review by WileE2005)

Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet the Groovie Goolies
(1972) A corny Filmation television special where the Looney Tunes characters meet with the Groovie Goolies involves a scene when the character Claude Chaney (a Lon Chaney-esque phantom adept at disguise) demonstrates his disguise ability to Daffy Duck by wearing masks of the Goolies characters layered over each other; one of the masks is of Hagatha the witch, which he removes to reveal a Drac mask. (Review by WileE2005)

Danny Phantom "Doctor's Disorders" (2005). Ghost villainess Penelope Spectra puts on a new body. (Review by Robur)
Dead Ringers "The Stimpsons" (2005). A cheesy parody segment spoofing on BBC-2 losing the rights of "The Simpsons" to rival Channel 4 begins with a very obvious knock-off of the Simpsons with four crudely-animated Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa look-alikes, but then "Lisa" explains this knock-off isn't fooling anybody, and it's revealed that they are actually existing animated characters wearing masks: "Homer" is actually cartoon pirate Captain Pugwash, "Marge" is children's book character Mr. Ben, "Bart" is Charley the Cat from a series of 1970s public information films, and then "Lisa" rips off her bodysuit to reveal the animated BBC-2 logo, which explains that they can't replace the Simpsons. (Review by WileE2005)

The Dating Guy “24ish” (2010). In this episode of this Canadian adult series, two male Amish terrorists tie up two sexy Swedish stewardesses and flawlessly impersonate them. Eventually they peel off their rubber mask in front of the passengers (complete with cliched “crowd gasp” sound effect!) when revealing their plan to hijack and crash the plane. (Review by WileE2005)

Dexter's Laboratory "G.I.R.L. Squad" (1997). A cat unmasks to reveal one of Dee Dee's girlfriends (Mee Mee). She then unmasks, revealing another of Dee Dee's girlfriends (Lee Lee.) (Review by Robur) "Trick or Treehouse" (1998) This episode has Dee Dee wearing a mask of a pretty young woman to fool Dexter when poking her head out of the tree. (Review by WileE2005)

Diabolik (1999). Three episodes (the pilot, "Remind Me?" and "The Bet") of this French-produced series based on the Italian comic (coming soon to FOX in Fall 2000) had Diabolik's girlfriend use masks. In another episode, women impersonate famous actresses in order to steal jewels.

Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears “Never Give a Gummi an Even Break” (1989). Gramma Gummi finds out their latest “Gummi Bear” friend is actually a carny elf in disguise, she allows the elf to capture them for a sideshow act. But as they perform for an audience, Grammi loses her balance and falls, and her mask comes off revealing a female human face underneath (resembling her voice actress, June Foray!) The public thinks it’s all a fake and chases the carnies out of town, and once the Gummi Bears are safe, the “old woman” tugs off her mask to reveal the real Grammi Gummi underneath! (Review by WileE2005)

Doug "Doug Takes the Case" (1992). During one of Doug's fantasies as the master of disguise detective, The Chameleon, he imagines a woman and her baby in a stroller, only for the "baby" to be Doug, and his dog Porkchop in the woman suit! “Quailman VII: Quaildad”. In this episode of the late ‘90s reboot from Disney, during a “Quailman" fantasy Doug has, he imagines his love interest Patti Mayonnaise unmasking to reveal the male villain the Golden Salmon. (Review by WileE2005)

Droopy, Master Detective “Droopy and the Case of the Missing Dragon” (1993). The female spy Ms. Mysterious is being framed by an impostor, whom attempts to steal two golden Fu Dog statuettes. When escaping, the fake Ms. Mysterious confronts what seems to be the real one, and removes her mask and wig to reveal a bald man, only for the other Ms. Mysterious to really be Droopy and Dripple in a full body suit, in a trap set by the REAL Ms. Mysterious and the two dogs. Near the end of “Sherlock Droopy,” Professor Wolfiarity (played by McWolf) suspects the Queen of England is really Sherlock Droopy in disguise, and unmasks her to actually reveal the beautiful blonde female that has been torturing him. After McWolf is captured by the real Queen and Dripple, the blonde turns out to actually be Sherlock Droopy wearing a body suit! In “The Case of the Snooty Star,” Droopy masquerades as the movie starlet Melody Stardust so the villain Oliver J. Tutball kidnaps “her” instead of the real Melody. (Review by WileE2005)

Duckman (1994-7). This show seems obsessed with rubber masks, particularly cross-gender ones. The evil King Chicken (voice of Tim Curry) often turns up in disguise as some luscious girl. In "A Civil War," a man wears a latex rubber mask to disguise himself. King Chicken wears a female latex mask in "Forbidden Fruit," posing as a tutor to improve the main character's social life. The first time he unmasks, he also has a couple of male masks (including an old man) underneath the woman mask, but other times he wears the female mask only. In "Dammit, Hollywood," a studio executive wears a Julie Moran latex mask. In "Where No Duckman Has Gone Before" King Chicken wears the mask of a beautiful alien woman. 

Dudley Do-Right "Railroad Tracks" (1963). In this bizarro episode, the confused Mountie AND Snidely Whiplash both wear Nell disguises. They are first applied in a cartoonish manner by plastering the clothes, paint and wig onto the characters, but in the end, they peel off the heads as masks.

Dumb and Dumber (1996) The intro features a lavish woman unzipping her bodysuit; revealing a beaver inside. (Review by Robur)

The Fairly Oddparents "Apartnership" (2001). Cosmo's mother reveals that her two girlfriends are really robots wearing masks. Also, in "Scary Godparents" (2002) a superhero named Crash Nebula wears a body suit of an old lady which rips off when revealing himself during a TV show that Timmy is watching. After that, Timmy's parents crossdress as each other, with Timmy's dad wearing a mask and body suit of Timmy's mom. In "Take and Fake" (2010), Timmy's crush Trixie is throwing a costume party. At one point, it is revealed to Mark (Timmy's alien friend) that the four pretty girls he was hanging out with are fake, and the girls unzip their body suits to reveal they are ugly middle-aged men underneath. Near the end, when Timmy and Trixie appear to be together at last, Trixie unzips HER body suit to reveal Tootie, a young girl who obsesses over Timmy! In “Balance of Flour” (2011), Timmy’s parents enter his room with a fake vacuum cleaner with tentacles coming from it. One of the tentacles then pulls off their masks, revealing Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda (with Anti-Cosmo crossdressed as Timmy’s mom!) Then they try the same trick again, but impersonating Jorgen Von Strangle and his grandmother Nana Boom Boom (with Anti-Wanda in the Nana mask and suit.) (Review by WileE2005)

Family Guy "Brian In Love" (2000). The masking scene is right in the teaser, before the title begins. This episode begins with a parody of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Stewie is roused from a dream by his mother, Lois. She then peels off her mask and wig and reveals that she is in fact Mr. Rogers! "Fifteen Minutes of Shame" (2000) features one of the most famous gags in all of "Family Guy" history: Diane Simmons features a scene in her talk show where an ugly woman's boyfriend confesses that he is a woman. He rips off a mask to reveal her true self. After that, "she" says (still in a male voice) that she is really a horse and unzips a bodysuit to reveal a large gray horse, whom then reveals that he's a broom. He removes the horse costume to reveal a broomstick, which immediately falls over. (Review by WileE2005) In "Family Guy Viewer Mail No. 1" (2002), Kelly Ripa goes to her dressing room. There, presumably it is her husband that is bound and gagged to a chair. She reaches into his chest and rips out his heart. She then rips off her mask revealing a hideous alien beneath which then eats the heart. Regis then knocks on the door saying she is again needed on set to which she answers, "Be right there Rege, I just have to put on my face." (Review by Jix) "Barely Legal" (2006) has a scene where a bunch of white men and woman unzip bodysuits to reveal African-American people, all of whom dance in a parody of "The Wiz." (Review by WileE2005) "No Meals On Wheels" (2007) Tyra Banks' true identity, a giant lizard, jumps out of its bodysuit and eats another woman. (Review by WileE2005) "FOX-y Lady" (2009) Fred Savage reveals as part of his latest acting scheme, in which he has invented several "celebrities" and posing as them in rubber bodysuits, that he was also impersonating Camryn Manheim, and we can see a naked bodysuit of her on a hangar in Fred's closet. (Review by WileE2005) "Stewie Goes for a Drive" (2011) Stewie watches a parody of 1970s science-fiction movies, and at the end of the film, after the lead male character commits suicide, the lead female character removes her face mask to reveal she is actually a gynoid robot. (Review by WileE2005). “Cop and a Half-wit” (2017) During a montage of Peter and his police office pal Joe busting criminals, a man attempts to pick up a female African-American prostitute, whom promptly unzips her bodysuit to reveal Peter, who busts the man. (Review by WileE2005) “Foxx in the Men House” (2017) Peter uses Meryl Streep’s personal restroom stall in a hotel, and is beaten up for it. Among leaving the restroom, he finds Lois and figures it was really her that beat Peter up. But then Lois swiftly pulls off her latex mask to reveal Meryl Streep, whom smacks Peter with an Oscar statuette. (Review by WileE2005).

Fang Face (1978). A female snake charmer, the Cobra Queen, wore a mask of a Gloria Vanderbilt caricature. (Review by Robur)

Felix the Cat "Blubberino the Whale" (1959) Felix's arch-enemy, the Professor, masquerades as a beautiful mermaid while Felix is stranded at sea on a raft. Once Felix is falling for the disguise, the Professor rips off the mermaid mask and torso to reveal his true self (his legs are also now sticking out of the fish tail). (Review by WileE2005)

The Flintstone Kids "Sugar and Spies" (1982) Young Fred and Barney masquerade as young Wilma and Betty. (Review by Robur)

Futurama "I Dated A Robot" (2001). In a very quick parody of The Twilight Zone, "Eva Braun" takes off her mask to reveal she is a giant insect.

Galaxy Trio "Space Fugitives" (1967). In this Hanna-Barbera series, a simian Magnetron masquerades as Galaxy Girl. (Review by Robur)

Garfield and Friends “Video Airlines" (1989). Garfield, Odie and Jon keep flipping through TV channels, but they’re all playing the movie “Kung Fu Creatures on the Rampage 2,” and the same scene is shown where a man unmasks her girlfriend “Sylvia” to reveal one of the titular alien creatures. It even ends up being the only video available to rent at a video store, and out of desperation, Jon takes his pets to the movie theater, only to find it’s playing the sequel “Kung Fu Creatures on the Rampage 3,” which again plays out the same unmasking scene! (Review by WileE2005)

The Gary Coleman Show (1983). This animated series had an episode where Hornswoggle, the devil, masquerades as Angie, the Angel. (Review by Robur) 

Generation O! "Look Alike" (2000). Molly O's agent shows her the latest merchandise tie-in for her new single; Halloween costumes of herself, which include rubber masks and wigs! Molly is disgusted by the mask idea (including the idea of her having a "stretchy face," and tugs it over her agent's head, which he then peels off in his limo. (Review by WileE2005 and Kannaneko1)

G.I. Joe (1985-92). COBRA agent the Baroness frequently wore disguises to commit mayhem. But she wasn't alone. Here's a list of female masking:

"Alternate Earth" Part 1
"Glamor Girls"
"Skeletons in the Closet"
"Twenty Questions"
"Eau Du Cobra"
"Second Hand Emotions"
"Last Hour to Doomsday"
"Cobra's Creatures"
"Haul Down the Heavens"
"The Mass Device"
"Where The Reptiles Roam"
"Money to Burn"
"Let's Play Soldier"
"The Mind Mangler"
"Lasers in the Night"
"Computer Complications"
"Cobra Stops the World"

G.I. Joe "Valor vs Venom" (2004). General Hawk is confronted by a portly elderly lady speaking in a dodgy Eastern European accent asking him about GI Joe. She sprays him with knockout gas, but not before he pulls off her face to reveal, surprise, surprise, the Baroness. Comment: Very poor unmasking, if you can call it that. We don't even get to see the mask come off, only Hawk grabbing and pulling the old lady's face, see it stretch, then the 'after' shot of Baroness gloating over Hawk. (Review by Aramsham Mohari)

Gotham Girls (2000). In the online Shockwave cartoon "Trick or Treat" Batgirl is unmasked as a guy.

Goober and the Ghost Chasers (1974). In an episode of this Hanna-Barbera series, wax museum owner Wally Waxman masquerades with a Cleopatra mask. (Review by Robur)

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy "Circus of Fear" (2004). When unveiling Dr. Fear's true identity, Mandy must remove several masks. A couple of them include two female masks, including Billy's mom. When the final mask is removed, all that is there is a measly earthworm. (Review by WileE2005)

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi "Agent Y" (2005). Yumi is sent on a secret spy mission to recover a secret book, and once she accomplishes the task, Agent X says she can remove her disguise. She is confused until a lookalike of Yumi enters with a deep voice, then unzips "her" bodysuit to reveal the REAL "Agent Y," a large male spy. Needless to say, Yumi is really ticked off at this case of mistaken identity.  (Review by WileE2005 and Kannaneko1)

I.M.Weasel (2000, Cartoon Network) In this episode, Weasel and Baboon are vampires. At a Transylvanian barn dance, a young woman named Olga unmasks herself to reveal the Vampire Hunter! (It's the red guy with no pants.) (Review by Closet Monster)

Iron Man (1997). An episode of the syndicated series features Tony Stark masquerading as a matron. (Review by Robur)

Jem "One Jem Too Many" (1985-88) Clash, a punk rocker with a penchant for disguise, uses a Jem mask. She did it again in "Video Wars" masked as a film student, and Vivian Montgomery, a video director. In "The Fan," an actress wears a latex mask of the Hologram's drummer Raya. In "Broadway Magic," Jem uses holography to show her taking a mask of herself off and revealing a man. (Review by Robur)

The Jetsons (1962). In the episode where they buy the car, it starts out with Jane putting on her "morning mask" to answer the video phone and her friend Gloria. An untimely sneeze on Gloria's part reveals she too is wearing a mask.

Johnny Bravo "Talk To Me Baby" (1998). An episode has a woman unzipping a body suit to reveal her true identity -- a collie! (Review by Robur) "As I Lay Hiccupping". Johnny goes to see a sexy female doctor to help with his hiccup problem. But then the female doctor removes a mask and bodysuit, revealing a fat, ugly man underneath, curing Johnny's hiccups! Then Johnny begins to try and make out with the suit before the doctor kicks him out. (Review by WileE2005)

Kablaam (1997). In an episode of this Nickelodean series, a segment of "Action League Now" entitled "Thunder and Lightning" has Thunder Girl unmask Lightning Lady, revealing the evil Mayor. This is unique because it features animated action figures. (Review by Robur)

Kim Possible "Attack Of The Killer Bebes" (2002). Ron Stoppable displayed a Kim Possible mask he made as part of his movie makeup magic kit.  He briefly wears the mask when mocking her and then unmasks. His pet mole rat Rufus also briefly wears the mask too, when Ron shows off the makeup kit.

The Little Mermaid (1989). In this Walt Disney classic, there is a scene where the evil Ursula uses the voice she stole from Ariel to disguise herself as Vanessa, a sexy brown-haired woman. Her skin bursts and rips off during her "wedding" with Prince Eric, revealing her true self. (Review by WileE2005)

Looney Tunes, Back In Action. (2003) A scene in this movie has an animated Granny unzip her body suit (a CGI effect) to reveal the (live-action) evil chairman of Acme (Steve Martin.) (Review by WileE2005)

Lupin III "The Golden Legend of Babylon" aka Rupan III: Legend of the Gold of Babylon (1985). Japanese animated movie where Lupin takes the guise of his beautiful arch enemy Fukjiko in order to infiltrate a wealthy entrepreneur's secret liar. When stabbed, the body suit "blows up" and it is revealed that the beautiful woman was really Lupin all along. This is also not the only time Lupin has masqueraded as Fukjiko; he has done it quite a few other times in other movies and anime, as well as impersonating other women.

Max Steele (2000). This computer animated high tech spy show has an enemy agent named Dragonelle. In one episode so far, she uses two great looking rubber masks to impersonate Max's contact and his boss. Hot! (Review by ClosetMonster)

Men In Black: The Series "The Symbiote Syndrome" (1997). K's alien girlfriend Alene takes off her damaged female bodysuit and K gives her a new one to wear. "The Dog Eat Dog Syndrome" (1998). Frank The Pug goes to a bar where aliens can be themselves from prying eyes. A female suit resembling Lucille Ball is hanging on a hook. "The Jack O'Lantern Syndrome" (1998). Jeebs attempts to sell a female human suit to a pair of GHs (genuine humans), stopped by MIB agents K and U. Several female suits are later seen floating about a haunted MIB HQ. "The Sonic Boom Syndrome" (1998). Kay's girlfriend Alea returns with her rookie partner. Alea changes this time walking through a plastic curtin automaticaly putting on her human skin and clothes. Her partner Evie goes to the alien bar near the waterfront, her human suit is hanging on a hook. (Review by Robert S.)

MGM Animation "Jitterbug Follies" (1939). A "Mother Goose"-themed jitterbug revue is performed as part of a swing contest. One of the highlights is the "old lady" playing Mother Goose removing her mask, wig and costume to reveal a rather attractive (rotoscoped) young woman. (Review by WileE2005) "Big Heel-Watha" (1944). In this Tex Avery cartoon, Screwy Squirrel reveals a Native American maiden by taking off her veil to reveal that she is actually an ugly female, shortly after which Screwy unmasks the "ugly" Native American maiden to reveal her beautiful face once again.

Monkeybone (2001). At the very end of the movie, just before the end credits roll, is an animated segment. Characters in the movie remove their rubber masks and/or body suits to reveal that they are all Monkeybone-like monkeys inside. (Review by Jix)

The New Adventures Of Superman "Obsession" (1998). The Toyman is in love with a model named Darci Morgan. Darci is android created by the Toyman, but she rebeled and left him. During the Toyman's second attack her face is damaged. Later at Lana Lang Fashion, you can see her repair her face. (Review by Robert S.)

The New Scooby Movies "The Exterminator" (1973). It features Don Adams removing a female mask from Lom Chumley (a parody of Lon Chaney, the man of 1000 faces.) (Review by Robur)

101 Dalmatians: the Animated Series "Every Little Crooked Nanny" (1998). Cruella disguises herself by means of a rubber mask and dress as a housekeeper named "Cranny" to gain access into Roger and Anita's house to gain info about when her clients visit Anita. The puppies keep trying to unmask Cruella to expose the truth and foil her plans. (Review by WileE2005)

Peabody and Sherman "William Shakespeare" (1961). In this episode from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, Sherman and Peabody go back to the times of Shakespeare and watch a Romeo and Juliet rehearsal. The female actress playing Juliet suddenly takes off a mask and wig (you have to look closely to see the mask) to reveal Francis Bacon! (Review by WileE2005)

Phineas and Ferb "I Scream, You Scream" (2008> Carl the Intern masquerades as Blueprint Haven's African-American female clerk. (Review by Robur)

The Pink Panther Show "The Inspector… NOT!" (1993). This episode of this series (where the famous pink feline actually speaks!) involves the panther and The Inspector on the trail of the master of disguise villain the Chameleon. At one scene at a ball the Chameleon disguises as a wealthy dowager, and when escaping he peels off his mask (turned away from the camera, leaving his wig on) and runs off leaving the mask on a table. (Review by WileE2005)

Plasticman (1980). In "Disco Mummy," a female Aztec mummy wore a female Hispanic mask to kidnap Plasticman. (Review by Robur)

Pokemon "Fire and Ice" (1999). The female villain, Jessie, wears a mask to look like another popular character, Nurse Joy, in order to convince the heroes that she is a good nurse who can help them. The unmasking is shown, but the mask is removed in one swift motion. (Review by RobFromVoid) "The Fortune Hunters" (2001). In this episode, Jessie and James's rivals, Cassidy and Butch (also Team Rocket members) don mask disguises of a kindly old couple and set up a fake daycare center to steal different Pokemon. They are seen unmasking a couple of times; the first unmasking is pretty good, they do it right in front of the camera, but the next time they do it from the rear. "Hatch Me If You Can" (2002) Jessie again impersonates Nurse Joy, wearing a similar mask and costume to last time, as she tries to convince the heroes that she can help rescue their sick Larvitar (already having replaced the real Nurse Joy). The girl-crazy Brock is able to detect that it's an impostor, on account of the mask's mouth not moving, among other details, and Jessie, fed up with this, unmasks in one swift motion (like last time). "The Ole' Berate and Switch" (2006) It's Cassidy's try at impersonating Nurse Joy here. She wears a nearly-similar mask and outfit that Jessie wore before. We learn that it's her the first time we see the "Nurse Joy” (by cutting away to inside the mask), and then later she unmasks in front of Jessie and James. (Review by WileE2005)

Popeye the Sailor "Private Eye Popeye" (1954) Popeye masquerades as an Arabian beauty to catch a jewel thief. (Review by Robur)

The Powerpuff Girls "Something's a Ms" (200?). Villainess Sedusa disguises herself as the Mayor's assistant, Ms. Sarah Bellum; she binds and gags the real Ms. Bellum and makes her wear a Sedusa head-mask.  We never see the Ms. Bellum mask (just as we never see Ms. Bellum's face in any episode), but once released the real Ms. Bellum pulls off the Sedusa mask -- rather we see her starting to remove it, but don't get even a glimpse of her real face.

The Proud Family "Thelma And Luis" (2003). There's a quick scene where an old woman unzips a bodysuit to reveal a young actor at a phony retirement home setup. (Review by WileE2005)

ProStars (1991). In one episode a villainess wears a latex mask of a female Scottish archeologist. (Review by Robur)

A Pup Named Scooby-Doo "Dog Gone Scooby” (1989). When young Fred tells a story of what happens to Scooby-Doo to cheer up Shaggy, he says after Scooby runs away, an old woman saves Scooby from trouble. Then the woman takes off a mask to reveal a vampire! "The Ghost of Mrs. Shusham" (1991). A young woman poses as the villain for this episode, a ghostly old woman, by wearing a mask and wig. (Review by WileE2005)

Rambo (1986). Each episode of the animated syndicated series features his female assistant Cat removing an old woman mask. (Review by Robur)

Reboot "Racing the Clock" (1996). Bob takes a package to Hexidecimal containing another face mask for Hex. When he shows up with the mask, she looks at it briefly, then slaps it onto Bob's face, which unfortunately only lasts a few seconds. Bob gets the mask off and from then on is merely holding it. (Review by Jennifer Stevens)

The Ren and Stimpy Show "Eat My Cookies" (1991) Three Barette Beret girls unmask to reveal old businessmen.  Rosie O'Donnell voiced the Head Barette Beret girl. "A Yard Too Far" In order to get a pile of tasty food, Ren and Stimpy stack up and disguise themselves in a crude woman body suit, posing as the wife of the owner of a vicious baboon. (Review by WileE2005)

The Replacements "Abra K Dabra" (2007). Agent K masquerades as Corletta the Magician. (Review by Robur)

Richie Rich (1980). Featured an episode in which an escaped master of disguise masquerades as Richie's girlfriend Gloria. (Review by Robur)

Riding Bean (1990). Subtitled Anime has a blood-thirsty bank-robber's pint-sized accomplice is a cute young girl, but soon removes her mask and wig to reveal... a cute young girl (awww...). However, her bank robbing boss is considerably more than meets the eye. Fairly amusing film, though the woman wearing male masks is an integral part of the story. (Review by Aaron Knute)

Rock 'n Rule (1983). The heroine at one point is impersonated by a mutant wearing a mask and wig.

Sam and Max: Freelance Police (1998). In an episode, Sam and Max masquerade as the girl Geek and the villainess Largo. Also, Miss Honeybunny masquerades as Geek in the same episode.

Scooby-Doo (1972). "The only episode I remember as applying is where the circus fat lady was impersonated by this thin guy in an inflated suit and mask. The fat lady disappeared from the stage and she normally required a fork lift to put her on it as she couldn't walk up the steps. I forget the rest of it." (Review by Holly Fairfa) "A Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts" (1969). The Scooby-Doo gang unmask a fortune-telling woman to reveal the episode's male villain, Big Bob Oakley, who portrayed three different monsters in the episode. (Review by WileE2005)

Scooby-Doo and Scrappy Too "Where's Scooby?" (1983)  A member of a Mystery club the Scooby gang attempts to join, an old woman named Beatrice Wimsey, is unmasked to reveal a young female smuggler. "Showboat Scooby" (1984). Scooby's actress cousin Dixie Doo wears a human female mask to pose as ghostly "Magnolia." Also, in other Scooby Doo mysteries, a female vampire wore an old woman mask and wig, and a young female retailer wore an old woman mask and wig to pose as a witch. (Review by Robur and WileE2005) 

Scooby-Doo and the Monster of Mexico (2003). In the end, the female museum tour guide (a redheaded woman) is unmasked to reveal Charlene, the blond-haired fiancée of Fred’s pen pal's brother. (Review by WileE2005)

Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated  "The Legend of Alice May" (2010). At the beginning of the episode, a young white-haired teenage girl named Alice May peels off her mask and wig to reveal a rather ghoulish girl underneath. We see near the end of the episode the ghoulish face is also a mask, and that underneath is Alice's true face which resembles the mask she peeled off at the beginning of the episode. “The Siren’s Song (2011). Velma receives anonymous tips off a missing sardine boat from Amy, a beautiful mermaid-like creature with a siren singing voice. At the end of the episode, Amy peels off her mermaid suit to reveal she’s the wife of the kidnapped doctor the Mystery Inc. gang saved. "Dead Justice" (2011). Sheriff Stone disguises himself as an old woman by wearing a mask and wig, in order to catch a burglar in the act. "Web of the Dreamweaver" (2012). The villain in this episode projects dreams into peoples' minds with a special device. In a dream near the end where he is confronting Sheriff stone as his next victim, Stone peels off his face to reveal Fred, then Shaggy, then underneath that is a Daphne mask, and then she removes that to reveal Velma. Then Velma removes HER mask to reveal Scooby-Doo underneath! It is at this point when the dream finally ends, revealed to be a ploy by the Mystery Inc. gang to make the culprit confess everything."The Night on Haunted Mountain" (2012). The villain here is Dark Lillith, a female monster with the ability to fly. At the end, she unmasks to reveal the recurring character/villain Marcy (nicknamed "Hot Dog Water" by the gang.) (Review by WileE2005)

Scooby Doo! Pirates Ahoy! (2006). Fred's mom and dad are kidnapped and his mom turned into a ghost pirate only she was hypnotized into thinking she was, and was wearing a rubber mask of a lady pirate the whole time as were a few other women. At the end she tries to get her husband to walk the plank only to be unmasked by Fred (her son!) (Review by Stretch)

Sherlock Holmes In The 22nd Century "The Fall And Rise Of Sherlock Holmes" (1999). Chief Inspector Grayson demonstrates the Elastomask which gaves him the appearance of an elderly woman. "The Case of the Mazerin chip." Holmes uses a full body android MeterMaid disguise, complete with female robot voice to collect evidence from a suspicious charachter watching 222b Baker St. Later inside the building, Holmes removes the mask and disguise in front of Lestrad, Watson and the British Prime Minister. (Review by Steffi).

The Simpsons "Burns' Heir" (1994). Evil Mr. Burns hires actors to play Bart's family to show Bart that they don't miss him now that he is living in Burns' mansion. All impersonees (Homer, Marge, and Lisa) are wearing latex masks which they peel off momentarily when Mr. Burns complains to them about their lack-luster performances. "Separate Vocations" (1992) In the beginning of this episode, Mrs. Krabappel announces that she has a surprise for the class. Bart imagines her peeling off a latex mask to reveal that she is actually a purple-skinned outer space alien. (Review by Jix) "The Frying Game" (2002). Homer is about to be electrocuted but it turns out to be a game show and the old lady he thought he killed takes off her bodysuit to reveal she's really Carmen Electra. "The Girl Who Slept Too Little" (2005). During a nightmare sequence, Lisa imagines running into a nice old lady. The lady then peels off a latex mask revealing a skull! (Review by WileE2005) "Funeral For a Fiend" (2007) A female police officer unmasks herself to reveal she's really Sideshow Bob's mother. "Dark Knight Court" (2013). As part of a fake crime scene for Mr. Burns to stop in his new superhero alter-ego, Mr. Smithers hires Krusty the Clown and his friends to play the criminals and victim. A beautiful red-haired woman (said victim) peels off her mask and removes her suit to reveal Krusty's monkey Mr. Teeny on stilts! “Paths of Glory” (2015). Lisa and Milhouse attempt to sneak into the basement of a strip club that was formerly a suffrage society. A beautiful blond-haired woman lets them in, but then “she” peels off her mask to reveal Groundskeeper Willie (with tools stuffed into a bra for the “breasts!”) (Review by WileE2005)

SkySurfer Strike Force (1996). In "Titan of Terror," Cybron's daughter (Serena) masquerades as Kimberly Sakai alias Sliced Ice. In "The Water Beast," Sliced Ice masquerades as a female telepath. In "Price of Freedom" Serena masquerading as "Allison Hollister." (Review by Robur)

Space Sentinels (1977). A female "alien" controlling gold-stealing robots is revealed to be an actress wearing a rubber mask.

The Space Stars Show (1981). A segment of Teen Force had Moleculad masqueraded as a humanoid princess in one episode.

The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper “Leave it to Casper” (1996). Casper and the other ghosts are disguised as a human family as part of witness protection from an infamous ghost hunter. Near the end of the episode, the human family that lives next door to them (consisting of a husband and wife and their son) tug off their rubber masks to reveal the male Dragnet-esque police officer ghosts that put Casper and the others on witness protection as part of their sting operation to catch and arrest the ghost hunter, which they successfully do. (Review by WileE2005).

Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians "Royal Ruse" (1985). In this Superfriends series, an African-American female criminal masquerades as the supervillainess "Ten." She was a member of the Royal Flush Gang. Wearing a white body stocking with the ten of clubs on it and a white face mask, she unmasks after deciding to go straight. (Review by Robur)

Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries (1995-1996). In the episode "Double Take," the recurring jilted admirer "Moogooguypan" wears a Granny mask in an attempt to frame her. Taz, the Tasmanian Devil, wears a flight attendant body mask to steal airline peanuts in "The Scare Up There". Also, in "The Granny Vanishes" Moogooguypan attempted to frame Granny, but he also had a mask somewhat resembling the (animated) Cruella de Vil from "101 Dalmatians" that he changed to while fighting with Sylvester to make people think that Sylvester was a crazed cat attacking random women. (Review by Robur, WileE2005 and Holly Fairfa) 

Tarzan and the Super 7 (1978). In one of Filmation's "Web Woman" episodes, she meets the beautiful Madame Macabre, the owner of an extraterrestrial side show. Eventually, Macabre unmasks, revealing herself to be an oddity too. (Review by Robur)

Terrytoons “Police Dog” (1956). Police detective Clancy the Bulldog is pursuing the male feline villain Pinhead Schlabotka. In his first attempt, a beautiful shapely human blonde dances Clancy into a trap. The second time Clancy comes across the woman, he gets wise and dances her into a paddy wagon, and once inside he grabs the “woman” and pulls off her bodysuit to reveal Schlabotka wearing a corset! (Review by WileE2005) 

Tex Avery Show (1998). In the introduction Red, the female dancer, unmasks and reveals an animated Tex Avery.

Tiny Toon Adventures (1990)."Pluck O' The Irish" (1990) This short features three leprechauns masquerading as a beautiful young lass. "Real Kids Don't Like Broccoli" (1991) Buster Bunny, a futuristic private detective, unmasks several of his friends, including females like Elmyra Duff, to reveal they are the stolen androids he was looking for. "Night Ghoulery" (1994) At the end of a “Twilight Zone” parody, a stewardess on an airplane (whom resembles Uhura from “Star Trek”) unmasks near the end to reveal the Gremlin that was torturing Plucky underneath. (Review by WileE2005)

Tom and Jerry Kids "Rap Rat Is Where Its At" (1991). Droopy Dog and his son Dripple wore human female masks to capture a rapping rodent. "The Maltese Poodle"  (1990), Near the end of the episode, the wolf McWolf masquerades as femme fatale Miss VaVoom by wearing a latex mask and suit. (Review by Robur and WileE2005) 

Totally Spies "A Spy Is Born, Part I" (2001). Alex masquerades as actress Amber Stone. (Review by Robur)

Tripping The Rift "The Devil and a Guy Named Webster" (2004). In this computer animated sci fi spoof, the crew is watching a reality TV show where a female contestant reveals she's not a woman and unzips her bodysuit from the back.

The Venture Bros "A Party For Tarzan" (2016). In a flashback to 1973 we see Billie Jean King take off her mask to reveal the Blue Morpho.

What's New, Scooby-Doo "A Scooby-Doo Valentine" (2005). In this episode, former N’Sync star J.C. Chasez turns evil and decides to frame the Scooby gang by dressing as evil versions of them. J.C. dons a Scooby-Doo mask and costume, and hires four extras to portray the humans, who also wear masks. The actresses playing Velma and Daphne looks suspiciously like Mindy Cohn and Grey DeLisle, the actresses that play the girls in real life! The unmasking at the end is poor for the humans; the masks are simply taken off without any big stretches or anything like that. The only "dramatic" unmasking is when evil Scooby's face gets pulled off. (Review by WileE2005)

Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? "The Play's the Thing" Lilly Marlane, an actress, stops Carmen from stealing the Hollywood sign. In revenge, Carmen decides to get even by upstaging Lilly. Carmen disguises herself as Lilly and maskes off after finishing her performance. "When It Rains" (not sure if any mask scene exists...) Villainess Sara Bellum plans to disguise herself as Carmen and pull off a theft.

Woody Woodpecker (?). In one Walter Lantz cartoon Woody removes a harem girl's veil revealing a hag's face. He removes the hag mask revealing her beautiful face. (Review by Robur)

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The Comic Book List

Action Comics #322 (March 1965). In "Planet of the Outcasts," Supergirl is tricked into reanimating three villainesses who take off their face masks (scene also reprised in issue 323.

Action Comics #379 (August 1969). In a "Legion of Superheroes" backup story, Shadowlass is revealed to be a villainess in disguise.

Adventure Comics #349 (Oct. 1966) In one of the final scenes, five world leaders, including two females unmask to reveal themselves as five Legionnaires. The females are females, but the fun part of the scene is this: One of the Legionnaires that unmasks in Chameleon Boy, the shapeshifter. Go figure! (Review by Brittany Rose)

Adventure Comics #428 (July-Aug 1973). First appearance of "Black Orchid," a mysterious heroine who wears rubber masks in her fight against crime. (see also entries for "Phantom Stranger" and "Black Orchid")

Adventure Comics #429 (Sept.-Oct. 1973). Black Orchid's second appearance, also wearing a mask and wig.

Adventures of Bob Hope #93 (June-July 1965) It's amazing that comedy stars such as Bob Hope and Jerry Lewis had long-running comic series. In this demented parody of James Bond movies, a femme fatale is unmasked.

Alpha Flight #12. A robot is disguised as a woman.

Bart Simpson Comics #18 (2004) In this spy parody, Mrs. Krabappel masquerades as a hot young female spy, "Agent K." She is seen unmasking at the end (to the shock of Bart, of course). (Review by WileE2005)

Batman #210 (March 1969). In "Catwoman's Circus Caper," Selina Kyle removes her blonde mask (on page 13) to reveal her late-60s era mask and costume (actually, the costume's revealed on p. 14). (Review by Darci)

Batman #321. Joker wears a female mask to trap Robin - brief.

Batman #484, 485, & 518 (Sept., Oct.1992, May 1995). Villain Black Mask has a disfigured girl assistant, Circe, who wears a variety of female plastic masks.

Batman Family Giant #8. Joker's Daughter wears a Catgirl mask throughout.

Batman Family Giant #9 (Jan-Feb 1977). Duela Dent (daughter of Two-Face) continues to wear disguises of various other "daughter" villainesses.

Betty & Veronica Digest Magazine No.117 (Feb 2001). On page 5 of the story, "The Flying Sorcerer," two aliens pull off their latex human masks, one male and one female, to reveal their true forms. The one wearing the female mask and clothing does sort of appear to be a female alien, but who knows? (Review by Jennifer Stevens)

Blackhawk #210 . An undercover cop wears a mask - brief.

Black Orchid Book One (1988). In this Neil Gaiman-written revival, Black Orchid is unmasked just before she is killed! (Note: during this series her powers were redefined with her ability for disguise being more psychological rather than physical, hence examples of her wearing masks virtually vanish - boo hiss!).

Black Magic #1 (Oct-Nov 1973). Jack Kirby horror book has a story about a mutant who wears a full-body rubber suit to appear as a beautiful woman.

Blood and Shadows. A detective makes a grisly discover while tracking a serial killer who skins is victims.

Boris The Bear #11. Boris unmasks a villain wearing a mask.

Brave and the Bold #63. Supergirl and Wonder Woman take on Multi-face, who steals their faces and impersonates each of them.

Brave & The Bold #176 (July 1981). In the "Nemesis" back-up story Queen Elizabeth (!) is impersonated by sidekick Valerie wearing a mask and wig.

Captain America #311. Scourge wears a mask as a part of a nurse disguise.

Captain America #320 (August 1986). Long-time villain Scourge at one point puts on a female rubber mask in order to answer his video phone!

Captain Planet and the Planeteers #8 (June 1992). A brief backup story has a scientist take off her mask to reveal Doctor Blight.

Calvin and Hobbes (March 25, 1990). A Sunday comic strip of this newspaper comic series has Calvin having a nightmare in which his two parents unmask to reveal bug-eyed aliens from Neptune who attempt to cook him. Another strip from August 20th, 1995 has a poem about Calvin thinking his parents are aliens, complete with wearing latex masks of his mom and dad. Calvin says "I knew right away their masks weren't legit. Their faces are lined, they sag and don't fit."  (Review by WileE2005)

Close to Home (January 25, 2005) In this comic, we see a married couple with walkers, overcoats and old people masks. The wife says, "I figured out a way for us to get flushots. Put on this mask and overcoat, and grab that walker over there." The old woman mask is still in its box, labeled "OLD LADY MASK" (Review by WileE2005)

Dark Horse Presents #13 (December 1987) Two short, bizarre stories published in the Dark Horse Presents series. The main character, Masque, is a hitman, who uses masks for disguises. In the first, Masque on one page as a hotel maid, and then removes his mask. And in issue #18 (May 1988) has the Masque subtly picking up his target in a bar, several frames over several pages. The story and the style of drawing are unusual and in black and white, but I found at least one of the female impersonations subtle and sexy. (Review by Maskman)

Daredevil #358. Bad guy tries to escape wearing a mask.

Daredevil #241 (April 1987). The Trixter tears off his female mask.

Deadpool #45 (2000). The cover shows a mask of Titania, a blonde bombshell super villain, being held limply to someone's side. Deadpool and his buddy are in shocked surprise to see who's under the mask! Unfortunately, there's nothing inside the comic with a mask! (Review by ClosetMonster.)

Detective Comics #256 (May-June 1974). Catwoman wears a mask (over her Catwoman mask) to pose as a big cat tamer in a circus.  She's there to liberate some rare white tigers, but is discovered by Batman. (Review by Darci)

Detective Comics #335. Catwoman, captured by an opium den, wears a rubber mask of her own face (!) over her Catwoman cowl.

Detective Comics #407. Francine, the wife of Man-Bat, is unmasked to reveal her as She-Bat.

Detective Comics #506 & 507 (September, October 1981). Steel-skinned "Mannequin" wears rubber masks to disguise herself.

Dexter's Laboratory #5. "Mumdark" Dexter's arch-enemy Mandark impersonates Dexter's mother to destroy his laboratory. Unmasks on the first panel of the last page of the story, but no real detail.

Devil Kids starring Hot Stuff #26. In the Stumbo the Giant backup Dr. Cesspoole uses two different disguises with masks.

Diabolik. This long-running Italian comic has many examples of Eva Kant wearing female masks.

Doonesbury (August 9, 2000). Duke infiltrates the Reform Party convention wearing a Honey mask.

Excalibur #1 & 2. The Warwolves turn people's skins into body suits including one female.

Gen 13 #53. In a dream sequence, the evil doppleganger of Rainmaker impersonates her wearing a mask although I can't figure out how she got her headress under the mask. (Review by RS)

Giant Teen Titans Annual #1 (January 1999). This reprint of a 1967 story from Showcase #59 has a female member of a rock and roll band called the Flips impersonated by a professional female criminal wearing a Jill mask.Wonder Girl also wears a Jill mask to thwart the criminal dopplegangers.

Green Lantern #69. The cover has a female robot taking off her mask.

Hawkeye: Earth's Mightiest Marksman #1 (October 1998). After fighting his way out of an ambush, Hawkeye searches for the mysterious woman who led him there. Only to find her rubber mask and wig! (Review by Closet Monster)

Hot Stuff #74. The evil Dr. Cesspoole again masquerades, this time as a good fairy to trick Stumbo the Giant in the backup story.

House of Mystery #237. A criminal masquerades as a woman reporter. You see what appears to be the mask in his studio.

Human Target Special #1 (November 1991). Chance impersonates a matronly writer using a mask and wig in one scene.

Iron Man #103. Madame Masque is disguised as Tony Stark's most trusted assistant, Krissy Longfellow!

Jimmy Olsen #59 (March 1962). Lana Lang and Lois Lane remove old lady masks in "Jimmy Olsen, Freak"

Jimmy Olsen #79. Lucy Lane uses a mask to disguise herself.

Jimmy Olsen #111 (June 1968). A female writer named Kaye Daye wears a full over the head female mask with an attached black wig.

The Joker #1 (December 1997). This "Tangent Comics" (DC's one-shot alternative-universe creating new heroes with familiar names) features a young female prankster.  On the final page it is revealed she has been using masks to disguise herself as various female characters throughout the story.

Journey Into Mystery (April 1998). The Black Widow impersonates an old dying hospitalized woman who was the head of a Fascist organization.  In addition we find out she has also been impersonating another woman, who never really existed for the last few issues. Confused.  The story is told several different ways, depending on who is being told. (Review by M&M)

Justice League of America #123 (October 1975). Earth Two Justice Society of America members Wildcat, Johnny Thunder, Hourman, Dr. Mid-nite and Wonder Woman are forced into wearing the costumes and rubber masks to represent the faces of, respectively, Sportsmaster, Wizard, Gambler, Shade and Huntress. (Review by Jennifer Stevens)

JLA #17 (April 1998). Reporter Cat Grant is walking with Lois Lane in the JLA base on the moon. As the story progresses, it turns out that it was not Cat with Lois, but Catwoman, wearing a Cat Grant mask, which Lois is holding in her hands on page 14. (Review by Jennifer Stevens)

Krak Up Birthday Card (design #K6096, a div. of Comstock Cards) Artwork shows an old man and old woman, staring at each other and smiling lasciviously. The old man is sitting on a bed, the old woman is halfway into a very shapely rubber suit with attached mask and wig. The rubber suit apparently came out of a box labeled "Miss World Outfit", which is open and empty on the floor by the bed. Inside is the message: "Sometimes birthday fantasies can come true!" (review by Aaron Knute)

Lobo Big Babe Spring Break Special (Spring 1995). A beauty pageant where no one is who they appear to be, including masks and suits. Great fun! (Review by Brittany Rose)

Lois Lane #40 (April 1963). Lois wears an old lady rubber mask, plus some villains are revealed to be wearing masks.

Lois Lane #44. Lana Lang pulls off a latex mask of an old lady to reveal herself.  On page 7 she pulls it off, and on page 8 she's shown holding it in her hand.

Lois Lane #48. Superman is disguised as Cinderella's (Lois) old hag mother in a latex mask!

Lois Lane #93 (July 1969). Wonder Woman is revealed to be a Kryptonian villainess, Ar-Ual, wearing a mask and wig.

Looney Tunes (Issue unknown, probably 2004). An issue from this era features a scene where Lola Bunny removes her mask and suit to reveal Cecil Tortoise on stilts. Issue #158 "Louvre it or Leave It" (March 2008) Sylvester is trying to steal a painting from the Louvre until a little girl comes up. She then tricks Sylvester and removes her mask to reveal Tweety Pie underneath (he's a detective in this story). Later at the end of the story, on the plane home, Granny catches Sylvester disguised as Daffy and then removes her own mask, revealing Tweety again underneath! (Review by Wile_E2005)

MangaVizion #12. "The Face Squad" A school disguise club. The girl wears a mask to masquerade as another girl. Cute, especially if you like Ranma. (Review by Brittany Rose)

Manhunter #5 (March 1995). An energy being uses human skins as disguises. A bit disgusting. The Skinwalker masqueraded as Laurie, a waitress.

Mars Attacks #5 (September 1994). A Martian puts on a mask with really big hair to disguise itself as a human female. This scene was recreated in the Tim Burton movie (see Movie listing).

Metamorpho #10 (1967). Element Girl wore a human mask when appearing incognito. Her face was white and mummified.

100-Page Super Spectacular DC-20 (Sept. 1973). Reprint of a 1948 "Black Canary" story has an heiress, Miss Masters, unmasked impersonating Black Canary.

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spiderman #123 - The Foreigner masquerades as his middle-aged wife.

Phantom Stranger #36 (April-May 1975). Black Orchid appears in a back-up feature wearing two rubber mask disguises, Nurse McHenry and Mrs. Cleo Barry.

Phantom Stranger #38 (Aug-Sept. 1975). Black Orchid masqueraded as Roxanne, a gun moll, in the back-up story.

Phantom Stranger #39 (Oct.-Nov. 1975). Part 2 of the "Black Orchid" story has a number of women with masks.

Richie Rich, Gold and Silver #11. A hitchhiker is disguised as a female to kidnap Richie.

Robin plus Impulse #1 (Dec. 1996). The Boy Wonder teams up with DC's ADD poster-child to track down some stolen computer equipment. On the way, they encounter the super-strong clairvoyant Mystral, who helps them survive an avalanche and catch the bad guys. After mopping up, Mystral leaves her uniform's mask behind and ducks into a cabin; after a few moments, Robin and Impulse follow and find the face beneath the mask... torn from Mystral's head, with the mysterious heroine herself nowhere in sight. Stay tuned, Mystral is a sure bet to return: Robin seems fascinated with her, though she did say flat out, "...You'll find that Mystral is no lady!" Curiouser and curiouser... (Reviewed by Aaron Knute)

Rock & Rule: Marvel Super Special. Photo comic of the movie including the mask scene.

Scooby-Doo Comics #1 (1997). "Scooby Snooze" Scooby-Doo has a nightmare where near the end, the whole Mystery Inc. gang of humans, including the females, unmask to reveal they are white creepy-looking cats. In Issue #4, "How I Spent My Winter Break," Shaggy has a crazy dream sequence where his mother is unmasked at one point to reveal kindly own Mrs. Pasko from the general store. After his fantasy, he tries to unmask his parents, only to wind up pulling on their real hair. In issue #125, the story “Monster Mix-Up” features as part of a trap put on by the Mystery Inc. crew, Shaggy disguises as Daphne, and unmasks to reveal he’s wearing vampiric makeup and fangs to scare two monsters in a haunted house. (Review by WileE2005)

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You Comics #64 (February 2016). “Twin Dilemma” The human members of the Mystery Inc. gang are framed for armed robbery by rubber mask-wearing impostors, whom turn out to be former employees of the Coolsville Wax Museum whom were fired for defacing a Mystery Inc. exhibit. (Review by WileE2005)

Simpsons Super Spectacular, Issue 3 "A League Of Their Own" (2006) Mrs. Skinner is unmasked by Stretch Dude (Bart) and Clobber Girl (Lisa) to reveal she is an evil alien double, taking the real Mrs. Skinner's place. The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror #22 (September 2016). In an “X-Files” parody story, near the end, Patty and Selma unmask to reveal they are actually space aliens Kang and Kodos.(Review by Wile_E2005)

Sovereign Seven #10, 12, 32 and 33 (April 1996 thru April 1998). In Issue 10 a being identified as a Chimaera makes an appearance.  A delivery boy removes his skin to reveal the female Chimaera underneath. She later appears as a beautiful woman. In Issue 12, she ambushes Network, a female Sovereign Seven character.  The Chimaera creates a mold of Network and then takes her form. In Issue 32, she is unmasked/discovered in another form by the Sovereign Seven. In Issue 33, she takes the form of Cascade, another female Sovereign Seven character, but she is destroyed in an explosion at the end of the story. (Review by M&M)

Spider-Woman #21 (Dec. 1979). The original Spider-Woman wears an old lady rubber mask.

Spider-Woman #25 (May 1980). Spider-Woman is unmasked and turns out to be an actress, Jessica Drew's friend Lindsey McCabe, in a mask and wig... who turns out to be the real Spider-Woman in Lindsey McCabe stage make-up! (review by Aaron Knute)

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire: Evolution #3 (April 1998). A female alien wears a mask to appear as a beautiful human female crime lord.

Superman #223 (Jan. 1970). Three alien women are revealed to be Supergirl and her friends wearing rubber masks.

Superman #229 (Aug. 1970). A woman Superman wasn't able to save takes off her mask to reveal she's really Supergirl.

Superman #326 (Aug. 1978). A reporter is revealed to be Wonder Woman in disguise.

Superman Family #198 (Nov-Dec 1979). In a Jimmy Olson story, Penny Sue Klemmer, a deformed villainess, is revealed to be Catherine Sloan Saint James wearing a rubber mask.

Superman Family #211. A Supergirl story called "The Man with the Explosive Mind" has her friend Lena Thorul Colby first finding out her secret identity, then wearing a mask and Supergirl costume to take her place at a ceremony. Page 13 shows Lena pulling off the mask. (Review by Jennifer Stevens)

The Supernaturals #1-4 (Marvel/Chaos!) October l998. Paper masks of the two female protagonists: the Black Cat & Satana (different from their "mainstream" Marvel counterparts) inserted randomly throughout the series. (Review by Robert S.)

Tomorrow Stories #6. First American's one night stand turns out unexpectedly.

Vampira Monthly #16 (also Pantha number 1) June 1999. There is a good friend of both Vampi and Pantha named Dixie, and she has fallen afoul of a woman working with demons who is looking like Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn puts a Barbarella mask and wig on Dixie, and in a fight, Pantha rips the mask and wig off her head, discovering her friend Dixie in the getup. In issue 17, (also Pantha 2), the demoness Mamba who calls herself a goddess takes off the Marilyn mask and holds it up almost as it was a head she tore off her own body. (Review by Jennifer Stevens)

Wildcore #1 (November 1998). A female superhero (Zealot) wears a mask and uniform as a female military aide, Lieutenant Westmoore.

World's Finest #169. Mxyzptlk and Batmite transform into female villains, then wear masks as Supergirl and Batgirl.

World's Finest #152. The Creeper unmasks Dr. Russel as Olga Kens in disguise.

X-Men Annual #11. Psylocke takes off her mask revealing her to be made of metal.

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