Novios de la muerte

I got this unmasking clip from a source in Japan but neither of us knew what movie it was from. Now we are reasonable certain it is Novios de la muerte, a Spanish movie from 1975. The set-up for this scene I'm told is Juan Ramon gets out of jail after serving time for a crime he was set up for by his lover and best friend who betrayed him. The three were involved in the drug trafficking. With this motive, the former prisoner searches obsessively to the ones who wronged him.

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The scene begins with a woman in a blood-covered
bathrobe in a cellar. Something clearly has just
happened (this probably is near the end of the movie).

She begins to climb out of the cellar slowly,
shaken up by the experience.

Now wearing the mask and wig, she reaches the top.

She slowly walks around the dark basement
room, crying to herself.

She walks over to a wall.

She stands in the corner, sobbing.

A man appears in the entrance.

She doesn't react to him.

He pushes a lever to turn on the lights.

She begins to turn around and reach up.

Begins pulling at the mask and wig.

Off it comes.


The man comes into the room. "He's dead,"
he says.

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Written by Kerry (
September 3, 2001