Susan silicone mask

The Original


Full Head Female

Silicone Mask with breasts

U.S. $500

The instant way to change your appearance

Soft, stretchy skin-like silicone with foam filled breasts


The Susan Silicone Mask was designed by a Hollywood makeup artist to fit most male proportions and give a realistic feminine appearance. Each mask comes with open eyeholes, painted lips, eyebrows and nipples, with removable foam breast inserts. 

Also available: just the breasts without the mask. Only $300. See this video demonstration or photo or this photo.

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How Are They Made?

The Susan silicone mask is 100% medical grade silicone (Smooth-On Eco-Flex 30). Pre-tinted silicone is poured into a three-part mould and allowed to cure. The mould is taken apart and the finished mask is removed from the core in one piece. 


Kerry JohnsonKerry has been making and selling female masks from her shop in Seattle since 1996 to thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. Her experience and reliability are the best in the business. Learn more...