Molly Delaney

Hello! Hi everybody.   I'm Molly Delaney in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.   A long time CDer, into masking only since October 2010.   It's been kind of intense.   What you see is a Greyland modified with latex materials.   It's cut off under the chin, so that's my real neck.   I use adhesive & face padding, so the net effect is prosthetic.   Going out is de rigueur for me, although at 5'-11" / 180cm, working another edge I'd rather not be.   Can't I just be a cute chick?

Retired, age 58, attempts to use my own face en femme in public ceased 18 years ago.   Now suddenly nominally being able to pass has changed my life.  Girl sessions run several days.   Oh but it gets lonely.  Hike, bike, movies, beach, take pictures, shop, and playing at home... alone.   I would like to find a social life.  Late to this party, time will tell.

  September 2011

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