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Kerry was the inspiration!
Alyssa Returning after a long absence.


Brigitte She is from France
Candy From the U.K.   Carol Decker From the U.K.
  Carmen A girl from Germany who walks often in public.   Cindy A cute rubber doll
  Emma This girl is from Scotland   Jean-Françoise Our first female masker from Finland!
  Misty G Another returning favorite.   Gaelle Lagalle A French rubber doll.
  Geli From Germany   Gerry Another of our many pretty girls from the UK!
  Jeanette She has returned   Jacqueline She is from Scotland.
  Jennifer A lovely doll from Spain   JoJo From Canada
  Josie Edwards from the UK        
  Jovina A dear friend   Julie You will be amazed at what Julie has done with her masks!
       Kako Nagai From Japan
  Maid Lesley From Canada   Lotus From the U.S.
  Marcia From Canada   Monika From Greece
  Regina From Germany        
  Renate A friend from Austria   Rubber Tina She did not say.
  Sandra Shoeshine A U.K. Doll   Roxie A girl from the Midwest
  Rubber Sisters A German couple with a love for rubber and masking.   Sabine A Dutch Doll
        Sister Claressa From Germany
  Sister Mary Ann A rubber nun        
  Skyelark Back from the dreaded archive page.   Sonia Back from the archive page
  Sonja Not sure where she is from.   Sophie From the U.S.
  Steffy She is from Canada and very much into rubber.   Stevie From Australia
  Tania From the UK   Tanya She is from Southern Calif.
  Timea From Slovakia   Uschi From Switzerland
  Wicky From Hungary   Xinyu From China

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