The "Alice" Mask

Watch this YouTube video featuring the Alice mask:

This was an early design by Paul Barrett-Brown (he also did "Emeraald") that he no longer makes. I think they look really great but with this caveat: they are really small (but perfect for women, as witnessed by these photos modeled by Mikayla and Jess). It is 20½" (52cm) at the forehead, 20" (51cm) around at the mouth, and 15½" (39cm) at the neck. I have a comparably small head and even with laces in the back, it is very tight (through surprisingly comfortable around the nose and mouth). In fact I have worn this mask for several hours with no problems. But I would not recommend it for anyone with a large head - it won't fit you. This is a full-head mask with laces in the back. Masks are sold without wigs. The basic price is US $250. Extra features, special requests, and foreign postage are additional. Masks can be made to order in whatever color eyes, eyeshadow and eyebrow color you desire.

Alice 1909

Mikayla's Alice with blue top Alice close up Alice with brown wig Mikayla in Alice with red suit
Mikayla and Alice with sunglasses Mikayla wearing Alice with red wig Jessica in Alice on her car

Jessica at the lake in her Alice

Mikayla and Alice with brown wig

Mikayla in Alice with red suit

Mikayla Alice reading Jess wearing Alice
Mikayla Alice relaxing

Mikayla and Alice on the grass

Jessica at the lake in Alice

Jess as a blonde Alice at the lake

Jess in Alice relaxes

Jess in green wearing Alice

Alice mask with contacts
Contact lenses (as seen above) can
be added for an additional $50.

Alice 1153
This is the closest I've been able to get to
what Jacline wears on the Rubbersisters site.

Alice pictures with Kerry here.

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