The "Emeraald" Mask

Why the price increase? Kerry explains why.

Some of you might recognize this as the mask being sold by Centurians recently (though different than what they carried in the 1970s, if you've seen the pictures on the Female Mask Site). Commissioned and imported by Emeraald's friend Randy, and created by Paul Barrett-Brown in England, in turn they were sold to Centurians (who then added a 100% mark-up on the price!). Now I can offer my own version of this at half the price Centurians charges. It is a full-head mask with either a zipper or laces in the back.  The mask is sold without a wig. The base price for the latex version is US $250 including shipping, with contact lenses available for an additional $50 (see examples on that page). The newer photos at the bottom of the page more accurate reflect the longer necks that are standard on the Emeraald mask. Photos modeled by Mikayla.

Hot Girls Magazine
See The Hot Girls Magazine March 2011 issue devoted to the Emeraald Mask

Fine Art Photos by featuring a model in an Emeraald mask

Now available in silicone for $500

Silicone Emeraald Mask Watch a video of it

The "Pale" Emeraald (latex)

Pale Emeraald Pale Emeraald Pale Emeraald Pale Emeraald eyes
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Emeraald mask with red outfit

Emeraald with black wig Green eyed Emeraald

Blue-eyed Emeraald

Brown-eyed Emeraald

Emeraald 1718

Purple eyed Emeraald

Emeraald side view with laces

Emeraald in black

The above are merely samples, you can choose any
color eyes, eyeliner, eyeshadow and eyebrows you want.


Examples of latex Emeraald masks I have made recently:

Emeraald 836 (made Sept 7, 2004) Emeraald 840 (made Sept 16, 2004) Emeraald 843 (made Sept 23, 2004)

Brown Emeraald Face Mask (made Sept 23, 2004) Emeraald 855 (made Oct 19, 2004) White skinned Emeraald 857 (made Oct 16, 2004)

Emeraaald 1151
Click here for more photos

Emeraald 1355

MARCH 2010
 Emeraald 1737 Emeraald 1687 Emeraald 1740 

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