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Our Classic Collection of Female Latex Masks

Why the price increase? Kerry explains why.
Price: $250 including shipping
Your choice of: eye color, eyeliner, eyeshadow and eyebrows; mouth slit open or left closed; zipper or laces in back; customized with your forehead and neck measurements. Click on each for more information.

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Crystal Mask Crystal Click here for Michelle Mask Michelle Kerry MaskKlassic Kerry

Payment options:
Check or money order
Western Union
PayPal (add $10 to cover PayPal's fee)
E-mail Kerry kerryjtv@aol.com. Or call 206-354-7268 (noon to midnight Eastern time). Via mail: Tiresias Production, P.O. Box 15664, Seattle, WA 98115, USA. Sorry we do not have an online ordering system at this time.

Delivering customer satisfaction since 1996

Kerry has sold over 2000 masks to customers all over the world. She is the trusted name in female masks, and co-founder of maskon.com. 

Jessica Image Gallery

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Customize Your Mask

Any mask is available in any color skintone you can imagine: caucasian, brown, white, black, red, you name it...

Photos seen on this site are just the beginning, you choose the colors/makeup YOU want for your mask.

Each mask individually hand made by Kerry to your specifications. Many orders ship in two business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Kerry

Kerry JohnsonI started making female latex masks on my own beginning in 1996 because I couldn't find any for sale that I liked. Then someone asked, "Hey, can you sell me one?" and suddenly I was in the mask business! I have tried to expand my line (as much as my meager skills will allow), and to encourage others to make masks on their own.. Learn more...