The "Joan" Mask

See my new masked music video featuring the Joan mask:

AUGUST 2012 UPDATE: I had to replace the old moulds and the new version
of Joan is about 10% smaller than before. The Joan mask was already a fairly
small mask, now it is definitely my smallest and is only recommended for
women or people with very small heads.

Joan left side view Joan front view Joan right side view

 This mask was commissioned by me and sculpted by Zane.  These are full-head masks with zippers or laces in the back. Masks are sold without wigs. The base price is US $250 including shipping, contacts are extra. The photos and video are of the first one I made (it has green eyes, blue eyeshadow, black eyelner and black eyebrows) but as usual, you can have it made to your exact color specifications and measurements. Click on the photos for larger sizes.

Joan 1 Joan 2 Joan 3 Joan 4 Joan 5 Joan 6 Joan 7

Watch this YouTube video demonstration:

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