The "Crystal" Replica Mask

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 More Photos: All Nyte Doll's Crystal Gallery

You have probably read about Crystal, now you can buy an authorized replica of her mask for a fraction of what it originally cost to produce ($5000!). These are full-head masks with zippers or laces in the back. They come out of the moulds sized at 23 1/2" (60cm) at the forehead and a massive 21" (53cm) at the neck. I can size them up or, more likely, down for you if you give me your me your forehead and neck measurements when you order (just measure yourself with a tape measure or use a piece of string and then measure that). Masks are sold without wigs. The base price is US $250 including shipping, contacts are extra.

Below merely shows one example of makeup. You may choose whatever colors and styles you want.
Some people do not like the lower eyelashes. It's just an option I used for this sample.

Crystal Mask 1
 Crystal mask front view 

Crystal Mask 2
 Crystal side view 1 

Crystal Mask 3
Crystal side view 2

Crystal Mask 4
Back showing laces

Worn outside, bald

Another angle, bald

Worn with a wig

Lookin' Good!


Examples of other Crystal masks I have made:

Crystal 847 (made Oct 5, 2004) Crystal 856 (made Oct 15, 2004) Crystal 818 (made July 5, 2004) Crystal 832 (made Aug 11, 2004)

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