The "Sheila" Mask

Watch this YouTube video demonstration:

This mask was created along with my Female Bodysuit by an FX company. Originally I described it as "rather gruesome" but I quickly received enough positive feedback to encourage me to start selling copies. These are full-head masks with zippers or laces in the back. Masks are sold without wigs. The base price is US $250 including shipping, contacts are extra. 

Sheila View #1
The original mask developed
for the bodysuit (not for sale).

Sheila Image #4
My copy fully detailed.

Sheila View #3
A view with a wig.

Sheila View #7
A side-by-side comparison
with a Kerry mask.

'Candace' Style Sheila Mask
If you've seen Candace Cee's gallery

'Candace' Style Sheila mask
that is a Sheila mask she is wearing.

Sheila with Green Eyes
Sheila with green eyes

Sheila with light blue eyes
Sheila with light blue eyes

Open-eyed Sheila
Open-eyed Sheila

Sheila with brown eyes
Brown-eyed Sheila

Toni detailed Sheila
Toni detailed this Sheila
mask with contacts
More pictures here

Toni styled Sheila mask
Side view of the Toni
detailed Sheila mask
with contacts

Mikayla's Sheila Gallery

Below: Various poses with the mask. Click on each thumbnail for a larger image.

Click Here for Sheila View #10 Click Here For Sheila View #11 Click Here for Wife Image #1 Click Here For Wife Image #2 Click Here For Wife View #3 Click Here For Wife View #4

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