The "Klassic Kerry" Mask

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These are some examples of the "Klassic Kerry" mask (so named because it's the first one I made) with painted eyes. Holes in the pupils allow a wearer to see out. This mask was created by casting a generic plastic female mask. It is a full-head mask with a zipper or laces in the back. Masks are sold without wigs. The basic price is US $250 including shipping. Below are just examples of the various styles of detailing. Each mask is made to order in whatever color eyes, eyeshadow and eyebrow color you desire. Contact lenses can be added for an additional $50 (see examples on that page).

"Klassic Kerry" MaskKlassic Kerry"Klassic Kerry" Mask #62

Klassic KerryKlassic KerryKlassic Kerry

"Klassic Kerry" Mask #1MaskaraKlassic Kerry Mask #62 with wig

Below are pictures of Mikayla modeling the Klassic Kerry
Mikayla reading with Kerry mask Mikayla Kerry mask bald Mikayla wearing Kerry mask


Examples of Klassic Kerry masks I have made recently:

Klassic Kerry 852 (made Oct 5, 2004) Klassic Kerry 819 (made July 5, 2004) Klassic Kerry 778 (made March 22, 2004)

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