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About Tiresias Productions & Kerry

Your reliable source for female masks on the internet since 1996.

I started making female latex masks on my own beginning in 1996 because I couldn't find any for sale that I liked. Then someone asked, "Hey, can you sell me one?" and suddenly I was in the mask business! I have tried to expand my line, and to encourage others to make masks on their own. 

Based in Seattle, Washington, USA, the first four years were literally done in my bedroom. The masks were cured in my kitchen oven and airbrushed in the dining room. In 2000 I moved to a new house where I had a dedicated room in the basement for mask making as well as for dremeling. In 2010, prior to moving house again, I moved the business to an ActivSpace nearby where I rented an area where I could make as much mess or smells without bothering anyone. In 2011 I rented a second space to do the silicone production for Jessica and Susan (not compatible with latex production).

For 17 years I have attempted bring the best value for money to the masking and crossdressing community as well as promoting the efforts of our members. I co-founded maskon.com with Marti in 1997. We held four Maskon conventions, the last in 2003.


Over the years myself and my masks have been featured in magazines and online.


http://frockmagazine.com/, "The World of Female Masking" (registration required). An overall general article about female masking and how it relates to the transgender community.

Vocativ, "Meet  the Man Behind the GIF That Broke the Internet."  On April 23, 2014 an animated GIF of Emma Watson unmasking went viral and even trended on Facebook. It was originally based on my video "Susan masks and unmasks" which many articles about the GIF also linked to. Luke Malone asks for my reaction.

The Atlantic, "What Men Find Behind Female Masks." An interview with me, among others, done by Luke Malone ("Secrets of the Living Dolls").


Alternative Mindsets, "A Quickie with... Kerry Johnson"

The Hot Girls Magazine, March edition

Museum of Sex Exhibition, New York City

San Francisco Fetish Ball

Instinct Magazine No. 58. February 2004. In their "Fluffer" column I got an entire page write-up. One photo of me, two of Mikayla.

"Savage Love" Feb 5, 2004. The nationally syndicated sex advice columnist Dan Savage asked me to answer a reader's question about female masks. When this hit the stands, our website nearly melted down from all the traffic it generated.

"Le Sexe Bizarre" 2004. Agnès Giard's fully illustrated book (all in French) gives a page and half to female masking with some photos of me and brief quotes.

Stuff Magazine. May 2002. A short bit in their "Screw Everything" article about Mask Fetishes and a photo of me. (There was a follow-up letter as well in the July 2002 issue).

FHM (Australian edition). December 2002. Never saw this myself but I got paid for using my photo.

Bizarre Magazine spread, Issue 33

"Deviant Desires" 2000. The Latex Mask Fetish and myself get a page in Katharine Gates' extensive book.

Bizarre Magazine #33. Spring 2000. I got a four page spread with many photos, very nice coverage!

BodyPlay Magazine #18. 1999. Our first Maskon in 1998 got a four page spread (only one photo of me however).

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