Night at the Museum (of Sex)

Museum of Sex exterior

On February 8, 2007, I was in New York City for the opening of an exhibit called "Kink" at the Museum of Sex. Curated by Katharine Gates, it includes a bodysuit and masks made by me. It will be on display through November 2007. 

Kink sign Kink diagram

I went wearing an Emeraald mask and a red leather outfit. Here I am standing next to my exhibit with a Katsumi bodysuit under glass.
Kerry and exhibit

Below are better looks at my exhibit.
Mask Exhibit Mask exhibit text

Jovina was also there wearing a Natori mask and Chinese dress.
Kerry and Jovina

Me with Katharine Gates.  She first included me in her 2000 book Deviant Desires (I'm on page 234).
Kerry and Katharine Gates

Thanks to my friends (you know who you are) for taking the photos and helping me get around in New York.

More photos on Jovina's site
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