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Museum of sexNight at the Museum (of Sex). Photos of me at the New York opening in February of an exhibit featuring my bodysuit.


San Francisco Fetish Ball. Photos from my outting in San Francisco in my new latex Maskara outfit.

Making Maskara. Detailed description of the development of this all-latex bodysuit.

Illusion of Murder Page 1 & Page 2.  A photo-comic I did with Rogue that was originally on Marti's site.


Secret Origin of Woman-Spider The Secret Origin of Woman-Spider.  A photo comic I made for the Female Mask Homepage.

Kerry In Print. A listing of my complete biography in magazines and books up until now.

Kerry's 10th Anniversary Online


Behind the Scenes of "Discovered!"


Natori mask Natori "Photogenic Mask"

Devil Girl Lucifina "Lucy" the Devil Girl


Kerry's White AlbumKerry's White Album

Click here for Lycra Bodysuit Lycra bodysuit

Click for Spidey Shoot Spidey Shoot


Click for Bizarre Magazine Spread Bizarre Magazine Spread

Click for Katsumi Body Suit Katsumi Style Latex Bodysuit.

Click for My New House My New House. A photo shoot in and around my new place.


Click for Emma Peel"Emma Peel."A new outfit to go nightclubbing in.

Click Here to Link to 3rd Anniversary Special 3rd Anniversary Special. Ghostly Writer made up this Spider-Woman "Becoming" photomontage.

Click to see Colorado pictures Colorado. I paid a visit to some friends in April.


Click to see Christmas pictures Christmas Pictures. Season's Greetings from Kerry (and a special treat too!).

Click here for Maiden China Maiden China. Rogue and I have made a new seven minute video drama starring our favorite superheroines.

Click here for Japan Trip Kerry's Japan Trip. Pictures from the trip Marti and I made to Japan in November.

Click here for Maskon Maskon. Photos and news about the Mask convention held in San Francisco in October.

Click here for San Diego Comic Con San Diego Comic Con. Rogue and I spent our summer vacation running around in costume. See pictures.

Click here for Bodysuit Female Bodysuit. I spent a lot of money. Was it worth it? Judge for yourself. Be sure and check out the new latex version and the torso/mask.

Future Plans. What am I going to do next? Sometimes even I don't know! But here's some ideas.


Click here for "The Chase" The Chase. The first dramatic video made by Rogue and me. Starring Maskara and Catwoman.

Click here for Catwalk Catwalk Nightclub. My visit to a "goth" nightclub in Seattle while masked.

Click here for Kerry's Kostume Komic Kerry's Kostume Komic. A five page photo comic adventure featuring a femme fatale.


Sew Your Own. Sewing outfits like mine is easy. Here are some starter instructions. 

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