Introducing Lucifina (or "Lucy"), the Devil Girl -
August 2002

Lucy, the Devil Girl

The idea for this character (and costume) came to me, bizarrely enough, after seeing a small female devil "bobble-head" doll in a collectibles shop. I thought, "Hey, I could do that!" A few weeks later it was a reality. This was a really simple outfit to put together. I already had the red catsuit (see my backyard feature for other examples using it), it was just a matter of making an Emeraald mask in red, buying a cocktail dress ($16 at Value Village!) and modifying it slightly, and a few props like the tail, horns and pitchfork. Voila! She's a real "hottie," eh? (sorry!) Check out more pix, click on them for larger images:

Devil Girl 3 Devil Girl 2 Devil Girl 4

I wasn't sure whether to include this last shot which was taken outside but using a flash. You can clearly see the difference between the latex mask and the red lycra catsuit. Nevertheless, I really like the way the color of the outfit contrasts with the background:

Devil Girl 5

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