"Bizarre" Magazine Spread- May 2000

Issue 33 (Spring 2000) of Bizarre Magazine from Britain contained a four page spread and feature about female masking. The author, Lynn Powers, interviewed Marti and me, and I contributed most of the photos that appeared. Here are scans of the pages and links to the actual images on my site (you've seen them all before). This issue will be available on newstands around mid-June in the United States (try Barnes and Noble) .

Bizarre Page 78 - Click to see jpg Bizarre Page 79 - Click on images for jpegs
Bizarre Page 80 - Click on images for jpegs Bizarre Page 81 - Click on images for jpegs

(my images:)
Emeraald Mask
Emeraald with white top
Bodysuit back
Naked torso
Bodysuit front
Inside mask
Group shot (Rhonda, JD & Kerry)
Red suit (Alice mask)
Black torso

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May 14, 2000
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