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Kerry's Kostume Komic

Kerry's Kostume Komic has developed as a natural extension of what I have been doing on the web up until now.

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Notes on Page Two

Notes on Page Three

Notes on Page Four

Notes on Page Five

For a year and a half I have posted pictures of me wearing my various lycra costumes in a variety of poses. But after awhile this has become a been-there-done-that activity. Click here to see Part Two! I wanted to do something different. Something with a story and characters. And thus came the idea for doing a photo comic.
Each week I
added a new page to the komic, for a total of five.

This isn't meant to be particularly deep, merely an excuse to show off my costumes and experiment with this new medium.

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This is all part of my plan to do a long-form graphic novel on the web, featuring characters in photographs.

Such a project would have all original characters, focus more on the story, and be aimed more at general audiences.

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Your comments are appreciated.

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