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Notes on Page Five

Thumbnail of Page FiveThe most colorful page of all and it was complete serendipity. There happened to be a room in my friend Jim's warehouse that had been used as a set once (don't ask me for what). I decided to place the action for the finale here and the results turned out a lot better than I ever imagined. In the future, no more running around in dim nightclubs or boring warehouses!

Frame 1: The official debut of Maskara, an original character I have created who will be making more appearances in the future (check out The Chase for an illustrated story featuring her). You never get a good look at her feet but she is wearing white knee-high boots with 4" heels. All three elements in this shot were made separately: the Invisible Girl on the table, Maskara, and the Femininja. For the mask of Mary's face Femininja holds over head, I used an actual image of her face and distorted it to appear like a mask.

Frames 2 & 3: Poor Femininja is turned into an extra on this page but that's because she's about to reveal...

Frame 4: Femininja is unmasked to be my friend Mata Hari (another genetic female - I certainly hope no one was too disappointed I had real girls playing girls). Mata was concerned about being recognized (I can't imagine why) so she wore a red wig and asked I slim her down a bit. So that's not her body her head sits on. (But I'll let you in on a secret: Maskara also received some post-production "assistance" to her body as well.)

Frame 5: Meanwhile, Maskara unmasks to reveal Mary (played by Allegra). I suppose this begs the question, "Was it really Mary at the beginning of the story?" You'll have to work that one out for yourselves...

Frame 6: This is probably the best shot of my mask in the entire story and I wish you could have seen my eyes better. By the way, laying on a hardwood table for a long period time is not the best way to relax either!

Frame 7: I suppose this shot would have been more effective if it had been possible to show me smiling here. But it looks like a happy ending for all involved...

If you enjoyed this, The Chase is another illustrated story with Maskara and Catwoman. Check it out.



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