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Notes on Page Three

Page 3 ThumbnailThis is the first page put together by someone else. After his success with the Spider-Woman Unmasked montage using PhotoImpact, I decided to let Stephen in the UK tackle Page Three of the Komic. Each of the elements were e-mailed to him (after Marti e-mailed them to me) and based on my extensive notes (and some creativity on his part) he sent me the completed page (after some minor corrections).

All of the action on this page was shot inside my house and then composited with pictures taken earlier in a warehouse. This in itself is a story. The warehouse belongs to a company my friend Jim works for. We went there one afternoon to do the pictures but the usual warehouse guy wasn't there. Jim couldn't remember where the alarm controls were once we were inside, so we had to endure 15 minutes of the alarm blaring away while he tried to find the deactivation codes. Eventually the police arrived to see what was going on and ended up issuing a $50 ticket for sending a false alarm! But the pictures I took turned out fine. Thanks, Jim (sorry about the fine!).

Frame 1: That's me playing both parts again. In order to focus (and maintain the correct eyeline) I used an artificial Christmas tree stalk as a stand-in!

Frame 2: Me again, holding the Goth Girl mask and wig. I didn't have any help when these pictures were taken, so I had to use the self-timer on the camera. That meant for the pictures of me in the chair, hitting the shutter, running over to the chair, and then tying myself up - all in 8 seconds! Try it sometime yourself...hours of great fun!

Frames 3 & 4: The real Allegra at last, wearing a huge pair of my red thigh-high boots. She could barely walk in them without falling over.

Frame 5: This is one of those "comic conventions" where I have to let the audience assume some time has passed between the frames allowing her to escape and start to change. I hope it worked! This is the Invisible Girl costume I made last year. For production reasons, I had to flip this picture after it was taken, and then paste in the "4" on the chest so it would be facing the right way.

Frame 6: Originally Stephen had laid out the frames in a staggered fashion, much like a modern comic book.  I would have been happy to do it this way except I had already established the rather traditional "orderly" frames in the first two pages. But I still wanted to experiment with the images and this frame is the first example of this, having an image extend past the borders into other frames.

Frame 7: There are five separate elements to this picture, all shot at different times: the character putting on the Mystique costume and the television, the girl watching, the room itself, and then the images on the TV: the warehouse and then the image of the Invisible Girl walking around.







Stephen, using
PhotoImpact 3.0
Active Images

(c) - 1997 Tiresias Productions

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