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Mystique is another Marvel Comics character, this time from the popular mutant book The X-Men. This costume was made by me starting in November 1995 again using a modified one-piece lycra bodysuit pattern ending at the collar. The skirt was attached as the top and bottom sections were sewn together. The torso is double-lined due to the translucent property of white lycra. The face is a custom full-head latex mask with hand-sewn hair for the eyebrows and forehead hair. The remaining hair is a wig. The eyes are a sheer material (in fact leftover from Spider-Woman's webs) glued in behind the eyeholes. The skulls around the waist are modified mariachis (!) cut down, painted yellow, and strung on fishing wire. The feet are shoes fitted inside each lycra foot.

This costume was premiered at Rustycon XII Take 2 in Tacoma, Washington in January 1996 in their Masquerade. It won a Workmanship award and Best Novice Recreation.

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