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Invisible Girl

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Yet another Marvel Comic's superheroine (yes, I do read DC Comics, I just hasn't gotten around to doing any of their characters yet), Sue Storm, The Invisible Girl, from The Fantastic Four. This costume design is based on the outfits as seen in the unreleased 1993 Roger Corman version of the movie (trust me, the only redeeming thing in the movie is the lycra costumes). In any event, nothing too fancy here, a basic blue lycra bodysuit with appliqued chest emblems and collar pieces. The wig is a cheap old thing that was lying around. The latex mask was again made from scratch by me (using the same mold as Goth Girl's), just with different detailing.

Invisible Girl 1Invisible Girl 2The mask on the shot on the left came off a dummy used in a beauty salon. This idea was borrowed (stolen, actually) from Miss Yuki's Dollhouse site in Japan. The mask is proportionally too small and hard to fit properly on the head. Still, it creates a striking look, and it's well worth checking out Yuki's site for more examples of this even if you can't read any of the text.

Photos by Lauren

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