Maiden China

This is the second video short made and starring myself and Rogue. The first was The Chase in 1997.

With Maiden China we wanted to try something a bit lighter, but more technically sophisticated. Part of this was accomplished with the acquisition by me of digital video equipment, including a Non-Linear Editing system on my computer. With this, editing is a snap, plus doing digital effects were easily accomplished. Using this technology, we were able to do a number of trick shots that made it appear that up to eight characters were on screen at the same time (Rogue and I played everyone).

As with The Chase, I utilized female friends of mine to supply the voices of all the characters, something that helped sell the "reality" of the action.

Briefly, the plot of Maiden China concerns a series of bizarre robberies and mischief that appear to be ruining the reputations of various superheroines including Batgirl and Catwoman. The heroines all gather to discuss what is happening, unaware that the evil Maiden China is behind it all so she can rule supreme. The heroines split up to get to the bottom of things, but Maiden China is one step ahead of them using her disguises (below left). Finally, Catwoman and Spider-Woman confront Maiden China in her headquarters (below center), and after a fight (below right) bring her to justice. All this in seven minutes, with a few jokes thrown in for good measure.

Wanna get a copy of this (and The Chase)? Get both on DVD for a mere $10 - or I'll take something in trade. E-mail me first please. You can send cash (U.S. dollars please) or pay with VISA or MasterCard now too. Copies are also available in PAL format (Europe and Australia).

All images (c) - 1998 Tiresias Productions. "Maiden China" is TM Tiresias Productions.

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Updated November 6, 2003

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