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Kerry in Japan


In November 1998, Marti and I travelled overseas to Japan to visit our friends there in the PFC (Pantyhose Fetish Club) and the "Dollers." I wrote about our trip in the December 1998 edition of the Mask Mailing List.

Our main host was Dollhouse creator Yuki Makise. We stayed in hotel in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, and had the opportunity to go shopping, visit a nightclub, and meet many of the people whose websites we had admired from afar.

Everyone was extremely nice, and despite the language barrier, communication was not generally a problem.

Goth Girl and friendsSaturday night we were treated to two different events, a PFC get-together at a restaurant; and then Yuki's "One Night of Dollers and Maskers" held in a motel which ran all night until 7 AM!

DecoAt left, Goth Girl with friends.

At right, genetic girl Deco (pronounced DAY-ko) modelling an Emeraald mask.


Yuki pirate(left) Yo Ho Ho! Yuki as an alluring pirate.

Our last day there, we were taken sightseeing at various locations around Tokyo. But we weren't like ordinary tourists: Yuki and I were in costume as we visited each place where, surprisingly, we didn't attract that much attention from passersby! Below, we pose in front of a government building (it was a holiday). Below right, the government's Guest House where President Clinton stays in Tokyo.

Kerry and Yuki in TokyoKerry at Guest House

WaterfallsTokyo TowerAt left, a famous waterfall in a park. While we were there, two other photo shoots were going on around us!

At right, the Tokyo Tower landmark - much taller than it appears here!

Thanks to Leotigh for providing some of the photos!

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