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Goth Girl 3GOTH GIRL
I designed and built this costume in July 1996 for an outting at a Seattle nightclub on August 17, 1996. This nightclub (the Catwalk) is the hangout for Seattle's "goth" community, and thus I thought it would be fitting to go in an all-black shiny lycra bodysuit with exposed cleavage, thigh-high black boots, a full-head latex mask, and black wig. Needless to say, it made quite an impression.

Goth Girl 1 Even though the nightclub was dark and it was hard to see, I and my friends made their way to the bar in the back. Another crossdresser sat next to me and asked, "Are you hot in that?" It wasn't too bad. During the night, a number of people came over to admire my outfit, particularly my mask. One fellow said, "When I first saw you at the bar I thought you were a mannequin!" After keeping a chair warm for nearly two hours, I decided to take to the dance floor, even though I had to be lead through the crowd by a friend of mine. Trying to dance in five-inch heels is a bit of an art, and perhaps one I needs a bit more practice in! Nevertheless, it was fun to shake my boogie a bit in front of everyone. I highly recommend going out, especially if you can find the appropriate venue and some friends to go with you. It was a blast!

Goth Girl 2 How it was done: I started with her basic sewing lycra bodysuit pattern (see Sew Your Own for more details) but left the front seam open. The material used is black cire (pronounced "sir-RAY"), commonly known as "wet-look" lycra. I specially order this from Jehlor Fantasy Fabrics in Seattle (206-575-8250) by the bolt (10 yards @ $14 per yard). This is great stuff and makes any outfit look terrific. The cleavage are latex breasts, a product called "The Treasure Chest" available from Best Value Products for $57 (inc. tax and shipping). The boots were purchased in England from a TV Specialty shop in London. The latex mask was made from scratch and detailed by me. To reflect a "gothic" look for the skin, white paint was mixed with the latex. The eyes and features were then painted on afterwards (I see through itty-bitty holes in the eyes). The wig and earrings are off-the-rack items.

Also, check out the outfit I wore to the Catwalk for 1997.

Photos by Lauren

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