Catwalk '97

Leather Catwalk Outfit 1Leather Catwalk Outfit 2I decided I need a new look in order to visit the Catwalk again, something a bit less ostentatious than Goth Girl. I still wanted to be masked, but not stand out even in a room full of Goths. Of course the basic ensemble had to be all in black to begin with. Shopping at Value Village I found a great leather jacket to go with my black spandex top, black jeans, and black platform boots. I wore my Rita mask along with a long black wig (normally seen on Spider-Woman), with a pair of sunglasses to disguise the artificiality of my eyes. The night I went, on a Saturday night in early October, found both the Pioneer Square area of Seattle and the nightclub quite full. I didn't drive with my mask on, but instead put it in on in the car once I parked. Then it was just a matter of slipping into the club (after paying the cover charge of course). I got some odd looks from people inside although by no means was I the oddest dressed person there. Fans of latex clothing should really check this place out sometime, you'd really enjoy it! One guy looked at me, realized I was wearing a mask and asked, "Are you hot in there?" I shook my head no. Later, a guy poked my face to confirm in fact it wasn't real.

A month later I decided to wear this outfit to the dance at Orycon, a science fiction convention held in Portland. I hooked up with my friend Rachel who loved my outfit and said, "You look just like Modesty Blaise!" So in honor of her, I'm calling this my Modesty Blaise outfit (okay, she had shorter hair, but so what?). Will she be seen again? Only time will tell...

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November 15, 1997