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Here is my bibliography in magazines and books:

BodyPlay Magazine #18. 1999. Our first Maskon in 1998 got a four page spread (only one photo of me however).

"Deviant Desires" 2000. The Latex Mask Fetish and myself get a page in Katharine Gates' extensive book.

Bizarre Magazine #33. Spring 2000. I got a four page spread with many photos, very nice coverage!

Stuff Magazine. May 2002. A short bit in their "Screw Everything" article about Mask Fetishes and a photo of me. (There was a follow-up letter as well in the July 2002 issue).

FHM (Australian edition). December 2002. Never saw this myself but I got paid for using my photo.

"Savage Love" Feb 5, 2004. The nationally syndicated sex advice columnist Dan Savage asked me to answer a reader's question about female masks. When this hit the stands, our website nearly melted down from all the traffic it generated.

"Le Sexe Bizarre" 2004. Agnès Giard's fully illustrated book (all in French) gives a page and half to female masking with some photos of me and brief quotes.

Instinct Magazine No. 58. February 2004. In their "Fluffer" column I got an entire page write-up. One photo of me, two of Mikayla.

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