Kerry's New Latex Bodysuit

Fiberglass moldsFollowing onto efforts based on the original foam bodysuit, I was able to use the fiberglass molds (on right) to make a latex bodysuit using liquid latex.

Bodysuit piecesOn the left are two pieces pulled from the mold (separate front and partial back) for a customer.



Mask/torsoThe next step was to make a mask/torso combination (à la Diane Richards) using the Sheila mask. See the torso page for more information and pictures.




Latex bodysuitKerry wearing bodysuitHere (on left) is the first complete one-piece (no mask) bodysuit from the mold. It comes up a bit short on the arms and legs and is a bit baggy, but a step in the right direction. On the right and below are pictures of me wearing it (along with a separate Sheila mask and gloves).

So now the Big Question: When will these be for sale? The answer is, unlike masks, a bodysuit would have to be custom-made for a specific customer (one size does not fit all!). I would need to meet with you in person in order to make an exact fit (you come to Seattle or pay for me to go where you are). The cost would be negotiable but would probably start at $1000 (the molds alone cost me over $3000). Also, there is a limit to how large I could make this. Originally it was made to fit me (a size 10). It could be stretched a bit, however if you have a 42" waistline, there is no way this will fit you.

However, torsos made from the molds (with or without attached masks) can be achieved at a reasonable cost, and will fit more bodytypes. See the torso page for more details.

In 2000 I made another full body latex bodysuit ("Katsumi") like this.

E-mail me for more information or details about making a latex bodysuit.

Bodysuit side viewBodysuit back viewBodysuit side view

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