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You've read how the bodysuit was created.  So how did it turn out?  

Suit View #2

Suit View #3

On left is a front view with the mask specially made to go with the suit (attached separately
afterwards). Note: The eyes have not been painted on it yet. On right is the back
showing the seam where the zipper will eventually go. The gloves have not been added yet.

I'll end all the suspense right now by saying it didn't turn out quite as well as I had expected. In brief, it looks (and wears) much like a neoprene diving suit. Suit View #5It is very thick, nearly an inch in parts, resulting in a very "bulky" look when worn (I look like Hans and Franz's ("Ve vant to up!") sister). It also isn't very flexible because of the bulk. It has a lycra "core" with foam latex over it.  It covers my entire body to my ankles, wrists, and neck. A separate mask was made to go over it (this view on the left with me holding the suit is with one of my Kerry masks on) which I originally described here as "rather gruesome." Clearly you don't agree, as I received numerous requests for the mask. Well, no flies on me, it's available now as "Sheila." Separate gloves go along with the bodysuit (which weren't ready when I was there). The suit has a slit down the back where a zipper needs to be installed. However it's not a complete loss, but rather the first phase of a long ongoing process. The important thing is the fiberglass molds have been made.

I now see that foam wasn't quite the way to go (and also a huge pain-in-the-butt for the guys making it). I have suggested now just making a thin latex suit from the mold which in theory will be lighter, more flexible, and hopefully more realistic. There is also the option of using the molds to produce "body parts" such as just a chest (the breasts are quite nice, although approaching "Treasure Chest" (D-cup) proportions) or other pieces. In autumn 1998 I was able to get my hands on the fiberglass molds and begin to experiment with a latex bodysuit as well as a torso/mask.

Did I spend too much money? Yeah, probably. But I couldn't see any other way of getting what I wanted. And ultimately I think some good stuff will come out of this. Send your comments, suggestions, etc. to me.

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